Crowning the Kings of Solitaire

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One of the most popular games we’ve covered is classic Solitaire. This year we wanted to award two apps we consider as the best in class Solitaire games. 

This year, we wanted to award and recognize two Solitaire games as best in class apps that have made significant contributions to the space: Solitaired and MobilityWare. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these two apps worthy of recognition.

Founded in 2019, Solitaired has quickly become a go-to place to play Solitaire. While the site has a clean interface and high fidelity cards, it has numerous unique features that make it stand out:

  1. Extensive Variety: Solitaired offers an extensive collection of over 500 different Solitaire games. While classic versions like Klondike and FreeCell are readily available, the platform also caters to the tastes of Solitaire aficionados by offering less common variants like Yukon and Golf Solitaire.
  2. Continuous Innovation: The Solitaired team is committed to introducing new Solitaire games based on the classic rules. For instance, inspired by TriPeaks Solitaire, they have introduced games such as FourPeaks and Hole-in-One Solitaire, ensuring that players always have fresh challenges to explore.
  3. Educational Decks: Solitaired goes beyond traditional decks by offering educational-themed card sets. These decks pay tribute to astronauts and female pioneers in technology, adding an educational twist to the game.
  4. Replay Functionality: Players can enhance their skills by watching replays of the “Game of the Day,” providing insights into solving various Solitaire challenges.

With the award, we’re also recognizing Neal Taparia and Darshan Somashekar, the founders of Solitaired, with the Online Card Gaming Innovator Award. Taparia explains, “Solitaire is one of the first digital games, but since its introduction there has been little change to the game. We wanted to reinvent the experience of Solitaire so fans of the game can have even more fun.”

2. Mobilityware

MobilityWare is a pioneer in app-based card games. They were among the first companies to introduce Solitaire apps for both iPhone and Android platforms. The decision to recognize MobilityWare as a top Solitaire game is based on several standout features:

  1. Dependability: MobilityWare’s Solitaire app is known for its reliability. Regardless of how frequently you play, the app remains dependable and free from glitches, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.
  2. Offline Play: Unlike some Solitaire games that require an internet connection, MobilityWare’s app allows offline gameplay, making it an ideal choice for situations like plane rides where internet access might be limited.
  3. Progression and Customization: MobilityWare stands out by offering progression and customization features. Players can track their statistics and earn points to unlock different experience levels. Moreover, the game allows extensive customization of cards, backgrounds, and gameplay features like auto play, allowing players to tailor the gaming experience to their preferences.

If you’re going to play Solitaire, Solitaired and Mobilityware are excellent choices. You are guaranteed to have hours of fun, and may develop a bit of a card game addiction!